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Alkalizer Powder - Vanilla

Alkalizer Powder - Vanilla


Regulates pH to boost immune system.

Combats viruses and unhealthy bacteria.

Helps prevent gout, arthritis and cancer.

Relieves heartburn and increases energy levels.

Regulates appetite and boosts metabolism. Stabilises blood sugar levels. 

Improves digestion and gut health.

Improves skin and hair. Strengthens bones, nails, and teeth. Reduces wrinkles.

  • Ingredients

    Calcium 110g, Magnesium 48g, Sodium 42.5g, Potassium 16g, Zinc 128g, Boron 0.38g, Copper 0.13g, Collagen42.5g, Medium Chain Triglicirides 19.5g, Casein (Milk Protein) 3.8g, Vitamin B6(0.25g) +D3 (0.32g), Homeopathic Tissue Salts 3.64g, Citric Acid 2.7g, Glucose Syrup 4g, Vanilla 30g.

  • Directions

    Shake well before use. 

    Adults: Add a level measured spoon (included) to a large glass of drinking water, stir well and drink in the morning on an empty stomach, or after a small meal if prone to constipation. Repeat 12 hours later.

    Kids 6 - 12 years: As above but half the dose (half spoon)

    Caution: Patients with heart disorders or have kidney failure should consult their doctor before using Alkalizer. Water is the main role player in reducing acidity.

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