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Lions Mane Mushroom Extract

Lions Mane Mushroom Extract


Natures Nootrope

This unique extract of biologically active components works as an adaptogen to optomise the biochemical environment of your body.

Stimulate the production of Brain Nerve Growth Factor

Exhibit Neuroprotective properties

Help retain mental function (memory and cognition)

Reduce the risk of Neurological disorders

Reduces symptoms of Anxiety and Depression


Enhances the immune system, specificaly in the intestiness

Helps with treatment of Stomach Ulcers


Regulates Bloodsugar levels

Reduces Diabetic nerve pain

Helps fight inflamation and Oxidative stress

Plays a role in Cancer prevention and treatment

  • Ingredients

    Premium Lions Mane fruiting body.

    Spring water collected at source.

    Pure Barley distilled ethanol.

    No preservatives, colourants, sugar, wheat, gluten or animal products.

  • Directions

    20 Drops (500mg),  1-2 times daily.

    Drop under the tongue, or in a small quantity of water or juice.

    Product will precipitate, please shake well before use.


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